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Your Team is Going to Love This!

Utilize DiSC on Catalyst to facilitate continuous learning and team cohesiveness

If you use DiSC with your team already, Catalyst is a free upgrade! If you are new to DiSC, and the power of understanding each other's work and communication styles, WELCOME! What does Catalyst offer that is different? Well, it is a very helpful, easy to use platform for you and your team. You simply complete a DiSC on Catalyst profile and join your team online. I love to take groups through a half-day session with DiSC and then have them continue the amazing conversations and learning by using Catalyst. Not only can you access your own information, you can also learn about each of your colleagues (similarities, differences, and strategies to be more effective), set up groups and learn about the dynamics (and strategies to address gaps), use the Conversation Starters section to facilitate conversations that result in amazing insights, and more! Watch this short video to get an idea of what I am so excited about.

If you and your team would like to learn more about DiSC on Catalyst, contact us now.


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