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More Happy Less Stress

Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Couldn't we all use this?! But how do we get it? It is even possible?

A peaceful picture, right? Did you spend any time at the lake this Summer and wish things were always so stress-free?

I meet with clients everyday and I always ask, "how are you?" The response is almost always "Oh, I am so busy!" Often it is delivered with a tired look, slumped posture, and a low tone. So, why are we so busy? There is certainly a lot to do, but we all have choices, right? Do you choose to go to work? Of course you do. It might be because you need to feed your family, but you still have a choice. You could stay home. You could lay in bed all day if you wanted. You may no longer have a job, but you could do it, right? So, what if we took ownership of those choices. What if I woke up and really understood that I was choosing to go to work. Would my experience be different? It certainly would! I wouldn't feel as stressed, and I might even enjoy my interactions and responsibilities because I wouldn't be able to say "I have to" be there. I'm actually choosing to be there. As I write this, I notice that in my head, the tone even gets better and I am sitting up taller. Try this for yourself. It's just a bit of self-talk and you'll be on your way!


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