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The most successful organizations recognize that to be able to attract and retain top talent, you need to invest in them. To create a culture of inclusion, learning, innovation and leadership, you need to invest in them.  LeadUp works across industries and disciplines to help organizations achieve these goals by creating and delivering programs specifically suited to accomplish your desired result.  Utilizing personal and team development tools ​we are able to create a personalized experience for the team members and the team as a whole.  ​

  • Everything DiSC - Workplace, Management, Work of Leaders, Agile EQ, Productive Conflict, Sales

  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team & Five Behaviours Personal Development

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Emotional Quotient - Inventory (EQ-i)

  • Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) 

  • Leadership Dynamics includes the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) and components such as emotional intelligence, attitudinal positioning, communication and engagement, problem-solving, decision making, and time management/balance. 


Strategic Planning is a key process used by effective leadership teams to assess influencers, set direction, clarify priorities, and ensure all stakeholders are focusing their energy on the same goals and objectives. LeadUp uses a one page strategic/business plan to guide the process. This approach works well for groups who have limited time and resources and are looking for an outcome that is focused and easy to understand. The one-page plan also serves as a tracking document, employee accountability worksheet, and a starting point for future planning sessions.


Among the many areas of Human Resources, LeadUp focuses on three significant areas:  Succession Planning, Performance Management, and Change Management.  See our service sheet for more information.  Click here.

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“The DiSC tool, Energy Leadership and leadership coaching have been great investments for our team. We are gaining an understanding of ourselves and each other that allows us to approach our work with common language and respectful understanding. Glenda’s calm confidence and personal warmth allow people to open up and receive new information.” 

—  Senior Communications Director, Post Secondary Institution




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